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In 2014 I closed the doors on Barry Patterson Strategies, which I originally formed in 1995 to focus on strategic innovation in education, something called “the internet” and sustainability.

I’m now excited to be settling in at Blackbaud, the leading cloud technology company dedicated to helping good take over the world. Blackbaud works and innovates within an ecosystem of good that includes nonprofits, individual change agents, corporations, foundations, and educational institutions. Most importantly for me, the company’s values and purpose reflect my own and are in alignment with my lifetime of work focused on having a positive impact. 

My purpose for this blog moving forward (plan to start in Q1 of 2017) is finding and profiling strategies and innovations for Good. This will emphasize: championing Blue Ocean Strategy and how to utilize it for good; profiling innovations across the ecosystem of good, emphasizing those related to nature/green/eco and the next level of sustainability; profiling companies “working for “good that are B-Corps and those within the Conscious Capitalism movement.