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 (I haven’t updated this page since 2009. More recent testimonials can be found on my LinkedIn profile.)



“I had the opportunity to work directly with Barry while he was Business Catalyst at the Biomimicry Guild. His ability to create innovative ideas with clients, partners, and colleagues is one of his greatest strengths. He is very skillful at transforming raw concepts into valuable insights and assets. He is personable, professional, and a great communicator. Barry will bring a wealth of experience and vision to any project.”

— Christopher Lee Allen, Director of AskNature.org, The Biomimicry Institute


“Barry, I appreciate your innovative efforts on our collective behalf’s.  Your work is creating a powerful tool…Your efforts will ultimately be successful, and Ocean Arks International will continue to support your endeavors.”

— John Todd, Ph.D., President, Ocean Arks International; Winner, Buckminster Fuller Challenge, “Socially- Responsible Design’s Highest Award”

“Barry’s fierce passion for sustainability is evident in everything he pursues. With a tireless work ethic and a buoyant soul Barry keeps projects moving, exciting, and focused. I learned an immense amount from Barry, and anyone working with him will come away equal measures wiser and inspired. He is a true friend, a talented individual, and a key asset to any team.”

— Tim McGee, Biologist at the Design Table, Biomimicry Guild


“Barry’s passion for sustainability, his ability to uncover the essential pieces of a solution and his natural interpersonal skills, make him a vital asset to any project. Unlike many of us who have recently become interested in sustainability and green initiatives, Barry has centered his entire career on this path – from his training in biology and environmental science to key teaching and consulting efforts that enable him to leverage a broad base of key experiences toward each new challenge. Barry is on the forefront of this critical area – always learning, networking with leaders, and creating new ways to provide value to his clients.”

— Lloyd Cooper, Principal & Owner, PUSH Product Design

“I worked with Barry on a green city initiative where his genuine attention to the local identity came together with his keen understanding of sustainable development. His innovative approach helped to create a strategic plan designed to meet local needs, using local assets, built from experience with strategies that work. Barry has a natural interpersonal intelligence and an effective ability to communicate, engage and inspire. Barry’s knowledge, experience, and professional network of resources are a benefit for all who get to work with him.”

— Renee Patey, Green Cities Program Manager, The Sustainability Institute

“While working with Barry on a project over several months, I encountered only tenacity, determination, and professionalism in moving toward the final objective. His work ethic was evidenced in his commitment to the project, and because of that work ethic, I will always welcome the opportunity to work with him again.”

— John Balsam, Principal, John Balsam Associates

“Barry added a kind and passionate voice to the discipline of biomimicry since he first entered the field in 2006. From here, he quickly transformed his passion into a formal position with the Biomimicry Guild as Business Catalyst and Strategist. Here, he worked with and guided a visionary group of biologists with grace, competence, and unyielding enthusiasm. Barry has also offered many a wise word during difficult times and I have always admired his steadfastness. I would work with Barry again in a heartbeat and only regret that I did not work more closely with him when I had the ready opportunity.”

— Rose Tocke, Owner, Full Circle Collaborative

“At PUSH Product Design, Barry Patterson’s knowledge of sustainable design practices and commitment to their application in our work increased our value to clients. Barry’s approach is positive, educational and focused on finding balance. Collaborating with Barry on the creative and concrete sides of product design was a pleasure.”

— Caleb Dawson, Product Designer

“Barry is one of the brightest and most talented individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. I was extremely impressed with his conviction, drive, and thoroughly researched concepts for an innovative system for environmental education. He excelled as a consultant for us, and I could not be more pleased with his work.”

— John L. Mackay, President & CEO, Discovery Place Science Center. Former President & CEO, McWane Science Center

“Barry has a unique ability to quickly grasp the interconnections of the economic, social, and natural environments. He sees interrelationships and can break down complex information into formats that can be communicated to broad and diverse audiences…His drive and enthusiasm coupled with his vision, his dedication, and his integrity make him an outstanding educator… He has the respect of people in both the educational and the environmental fields. I have every confidence that Barry’s work will serve as a catalyst and result in significant impacts for our society.”

— James M. Price, Senior Regional Director, Sierra Club



“One of the best presentations on sustainability that I have seen…and I have seen a lot!  What set yours apart was the big vision you hold for aligning organizational and community sustainability with individual / personal purpose.”

— Stan Cross, Director, Environmental Leadership Center, Warren Wilson College

“Barry, I was especially impressed with your keynote, and by the cutting edge green work you are doing.”

— Vladimir Novotny, PhD, PE.  AquaNova

“Barry, you have a gift for teaching and are very good at what you do. Your trainings for our department have had a positive impact.”

— Dr. T. Michael Harrington, Chair, Department of Family & Community Medicine, UAB Medical School

[Barry’s talk] brings an inspirational new perspective on how to better exist as a citizen of the world.”

— Benjamin D. Gordon

“….starts you thinking about where you can connect your entrepreneurial energy… you can find a personal harmony and have a positive external effect. Barry’s talk will have you thinking about yourself long after you’ve left the room.”

— R. Charles Campbell

“I needed this today; I needed the inspiration to continue my stewardship journey. I am indebted. Thank you.”

— Sarah Mooney

“Barry uses several teaching/learning styles and methods that are often difficult to replicate – closing the learning gap frequently seen in education today…Barry has demonstrated the qualities I value in leadership; he has demonstrated the qualities I value in responsibility; he has demonstrated those qualities I value in the people I admire most, honesty and integrity.”

— Dale Gunn, Ph.D., Department of Education, University of Montevallo



Biomimicry Guild hired Barry Patterson initially as a consultant, and later as their Business Catalyst & Strategist. Among his numerous responsibilities he worked closely with leadership to identify and grow and develop the company by: developing new business and opportunities; developing and implementing strategy; serving as interface between clients, conservation groups, public, and Guild staff; developing new partnerships and a new line of services. A few of his successes which are having a global impact include:

Architecture: Biomimicry Guild + HOK: Conceived, developed, negotiated, and closed the multi-year alliance between the Biomimicry Guild and global architectural giant HOK to grow bio-inspired design in the built environment space. Collaborations are now underway on every scale – from development of new cities to buildings to landscapes.

Green Chemistry: Biomimicry Guild + Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry: Developed, negotiated, and closed a confidential client engagement with well-known global brand. This launched a long-term partnership with the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, with the overall goal of integrating biomimicry and green chemistry.

Industrial Design: Conceived, designed, co-developed and built the Guild’s first Innovation Habitat for well-known global brand. The Innovation Habitat was designed as a physical space to encourage the development of bio-inspired product innovations.

“Barry, you are so incredibly good at all you do. You capture the spirit of who we are, you have the acumen to grow that which is good into a profitable ecosystem of companies, you are a stellar human being.”

— Janine Benyus, Author Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature, Co-founder Biomimicry Guild, President Biomimicry Institute, Recipient of 2009 Champion of the Earth award in Science & Innovation from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)



Caribou Coffee, the second largest coffee chain behind Starbucks, needed to align its corporate mission, strategy and branding with sustainability. The western outdoorsy, rustic feel of their stores belied waste and unsustainable business strategies and practices. Barry Patterson Strategies proposed and developed a corporate-wide sustainability strategy for company that would increase both economic and environmental performance.

“Barry  performed a comprehensive environmental audit of our coffeehouses, assessed overall corporate and environmental standing of the company, and developed a strategy and action plan for implementation of new initiatives, which emphasized energy efficiency. His proposal is estimated to save company over $180,000 annually while simultaneously decreasing pollution in specific areas ranging from seven to over eighty percent, including a decrease in CO2 emissions by over 1.7 million pounds annually.”

“By far the best investment I made this year.” 

— Owner John Puckett’s comment on Patterson’s work.